L. Kathryn Durham, PhD
Director and Founder



“Katey's analysis supported a critical activity in the early development group exploring ways to make more robust decisions with data in early clinical trials. She directly supported the creation of a novel method to do this that is planned for implementation in a clinical trial. I think this is extremely impactful for the business and our patients.”

“Katey is someone who sees the potential in her reports, and assists in leveraging them to develop their skills and talents. My observation is that Katey is fast in identifying the central aspects of our immunology colleagues’ research challenges, all within the larger context of our organization’s objectives.”

“Katey is thorough, skilled and engaged in her interactions. She is very easy to work with. She also showed a great understanding of the scientific questions we had to solve together. Katey did a fantastic job analyzing data … her technical skills were excellent and she was a clear and effective communicator. I am extremely pleased with our partnership on this project and hope to continue working with her in the future.”

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